Musical Improvisation with elementary and World-culture instruments (workshop)

Have you ever made music with simple stones, wood and metal ? Or do you think thats "only" something to engage the young kids ? The way we create contemporary music has two main roots: one is the discovery of sounds of matter and nature in a perceptive and social way. The other is using very old and also selfmade instruments of World Culture, wich can be played without any musical skills. The knowledge of the peoples is still living in the sounds and construction of instruments and can be discovered as an expression of understanding of nature, spirit and everyday life. Sometimes its more rhythmically, with drums, body , hand and feet, with singing powerfull songs of the tribes, sometimes its more silently or meditative. For example there are instruments like shellhorn, didjeridoo, bull-roarer, drums of many shapes, rainmaker, flutes, strings, soundbowls, lithophones. With monochord of Pythagoras we follow the connection of music and mathematics, and in several scales of flutes and strings can be listened and find principles of evolution of soul and consciousness of mankind. On the other hand the workshop offers to experience yourself and music as way to understand each other and have a lot of joy and peace.

It can be arranged as 2 hours settings, some hours or daily schedules, also ongoing or weekend work, with more deepening. Courses to make your own instruments are available. Participants should be at minimum 7, at maximum 18. In the room should be possible a free circle of chairs and
for free movements, too. Some tables to put instruments.

For making instruments needs a crafts room,

The payment needs travel and accommodation expenses, and fee. The fee could be an hour fee or daily or weekly prize. It is individual to agree. A guideline could be 60 Euro/hr, 300 Euro/day or 1200 Euro/week. Exceptions and reductions are possible.

Hannes Heyne, founder of KlangHütte Dresden, was born in 1958 and grew up under conditions of communist Germany. After school he was engaged in ecology and studied hydrology, the science of water on earth. After 7-years working period on this field and contact to the IDRIART-impulse of Miha Pogacnik (meeting people through the arts) in 1986, he studied music in Hamburg, especially improvisation and making instruments. He developes methods of play, where music, senses education and ecology are connected with the art of communication and meeting people. Workshops took place in Romania, Estonia, Georgia, Armenia, Germany, Russia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia, Mexico, USA, Italy, Poland Czechia, in schools for children, handicapped, teachers, parents, in environmental and musical Academies, with scientists, professional musicians, non-musicians, prisoners, on national and international festivals. There are project with other artists like architects, sculpturers, painters, and creating sound sculptures. Offerng concerts, lectures, sound-travels. Hannes Heyne is a member of WAFE (world forum for acoustic ecology) and RING for group improvisation, Germany.

Workshops of improvisation could be prepared for any purpose and group. Performances, objects and concerts offered by ordering. For well planning and sure agreements its necessary to plan half to one year in advance.

Hannes Heyne
Sachsenstr. 28, D-01689 Weinbhla
phone: +49 (0) 35243 - 47097